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Growing Well Kit

  • $75.00

Growing Well Kit

The Growing Well Kit is for mental health professionals, clients, students, and anyone interested in monitoring their own mental wellbeing. It is made up of 50 cards with a booklet and 5 scaling pads. This practical and hightly innovative resource is built around 50 key statements that research has shown are important indicators of mental health and balance. Accompanying each statement is a 'scale' using simple illustrations of a seed growing into a tree. A user checks the box that is relevant to them - every day or every week, perhaps. In this way the scale can be used to notice change and describe growth, even when words seem inadequate.

Growing Well can help us to

  • map our pathways through depression, trauma, loss, bereavement, eating disorders or through everyday health challenges such as stress, self-doubt and low self-esteem
  • encourage a focus on strengths rather than deficits
  • build emotional balance, mental clarity and relfective conversations

5 tear off scaling pads, A4 each with 25 sheets, in a clear polypropylene box, 50 write-on/wipe-off cards and booklet in a printed polypropylene box.


Growing Well Kit

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