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What Works

  • $49.50
If you were searching for ways to describe the possible strengths of any organisation, what would you notice? Firstly, that organisations vary tremendously in a wide variety of ways! And at the same time, the most successful, creative and dynamic of them also have many strengths in common. This conversation-building card set suggests 28 domains that might be seen as key areas for assessing and building strengths in any organisation. Each domain has four suggested indicators and a simple measurement scale that can be used to consider how your organisation shapes up. This is an engaging, gently provocative tool created in the spirit of Appreciative Inquiry and other strengths-based approaches that provides non-prescriptive windows into ways we can assess our organisations for strengths rather than deficits. 28 full-colour cards, 140 x 140mm, polypropylene box with a 30-page booklet. Booklet author: Karen Vallence, Russell Deal, Karen Masman. Illustrator and designer: Robyn Spicer.
What Works

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