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Restorative Practices And Behaviour Education

Taming your Temper

  • $65.00
Anger Management Programme Secondary

Lesson and activities designed to help students:
  • Develop & understand ‘anger’ vocabulary
  • Understand that ‘anger’ covers a range of feeling from mild to intense
  • Learn to recognise individual triggers
  • Understand the pre-existing factors that make an angry response more likely & more intense
  • Learn how to change angry behaviour
  • Develop a range of strategies when facing potentially angry or stressful situations
  • Learn to express feelings rather than act them out
  • Learn how to ask for what they want
  • Learn to empathise • Practise new ways of looking at things
  • Have the opportunity to deal with their personal anger issues in depth
  • Develop self-monitoring techniques, recognise the signs of anger building up in themselves
  • Recognise the signs of anger building up in others.

Includes FREE CD-ROM of student worksheets 
Taming your Temper

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