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Social And Emotional Learning

The Heart Masters - Emotional Literacy Game

  • $44.00
(Inyahead Press, laminated photo-copiable sheets and 60 €feelings cards€ and €feelings descriptors€, yrs 5 - 6)

A fun game that teaches about feelings What are they? When do they occur? How do they affect you?

Depending on the age and literacy of students, teachers may adjust the number of cards being used. One team that is €it€ chooses a €feeling€ card at random without showing the other players. The other teams take turns to ask questions. The team that is it may answer €yes€, €no€ or €unsure€. Unsure answers do not count as a question. The €asking€ teams get 6 questions (these can be varied depending on the group).

Once the questions are asked, each team uses their feeling descriptor cards to guess the feeling. The game includes instructions, 60 €feeling cards€ and €descriptor cards€ on laminated photo-copiable sheets for photo-copying into multiple copies, delivered in an A4 size plastic envelope for easy storage.

The Heart Masters - Emotional Literacy Game

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