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Theres A Gorillia in My Classroom - Cards and Book

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There's A Gorilla in My Classroom - 60 Cards andamp; Booklet

Dr Craig Deed has worked with primary and secondary students, and their teachers, to understand the learning behaviour of students, whether they be engaged or disengaged. He found that in most instances, behaviour in the classroom is not motivated by deep issues. In contrast, it is a choice to engage or not to engage, to learn or not to learn.

Students are more likely to make conscious choices to learn if they have

1. A language to discuss their behaviour and build awareness

2. An awareness of a range of possible behaviours

3. A structure to help them imagine themselves as successful learners

The basis of this resource is to provide a structure for students to improve their learning behaviour. However, it is not a simple matter to begin talking about behaviour strategies. Very few students have the language or thinking skills to imagine or talk about abstract concepts such as learning, control and behaviour. This is why we have developed a set of cards.

Theres A Gorillia in My Classroom - Cards and Book

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