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Welfare, Grief And Special Needs

Teaching Kids with Mental Health and Learning Disorders in the Regular Classroom

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How to Recognize, Understand, and Help Challenged (and Challenging) Students Succeed Myles L. Cooley Ph.D. What do you do to help a student who worries all the time and has persistent fears? How do you help the child whose extreme mood changes interfere with learning? Are you challenged by kids who are overly aggressive or defiant? And what do you know about dealing with ADHD, OCD, NVLD, GAD, PTSD, communication disorders, Asperger_s Syndrome, eating disorders, learning disabilities, autism, and social phobias? Without a doubt, you are teaching a wide spectrum of students in your mainstream classroom. It_s estimated that ten million young people deal with challenges that make it difficult for them to learn or behave appropriately in the classroom. This includes up to 10 percent of students in the regular classroom who have a learning disability, and 20 percent who have a mental health disorder that interferes with daily life. Given the many challenges you face each day, this essential guide can help you address students_ special needs. Who will benefit from using this book? _ regular classroom teachers _ school counsellors and psychologists _ classroom aides _ special education teachers _ school administrators _ parents _ childcare providers What key features are essential for educators? The heart of this book deals with mental health conditions and learning disorders that are likely to be present in today_s classrooms, including anxiety and mood disorders, communication disorders, learning disabilities, and social/relational disorders. Click on _view book excerpt_ for the Table of Contents to see a complete list of the more than 20 mental health and learning disorders addressed. Each disorder or condition is described in jargon-free terms with the specific behaviours and symptoms to look for. Then user-friendly classroom strategies and interventions are given, along with suggested professional treatment that may be needed.In addition, the book discusses the role of the school in addressing mental health and learning disorders, helps you plan for assessing students_ needs, and outlines effective classroom policies and procedures. Educators will find helpful tips for teaching strategies that meet diverse student needs, build important social and emotional skills, and establish a safe and caring classroom. 224 pages, soft cover, black and white, 8_" x 11", grades k_12., ISBN 13 978-1-57542-242-8
Teaching Kids with Mental Health and Learning Disorders in the Regular Classroom

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